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Dear Buiten Business Team, thanks a lot for getting organised this great Team Event – BRIDGE BUILDING: we’ve really enjoyed to work together with the Trainer Pieter, as he was enabling us to get to this obvious insights and to a very successful Teambuilding! Please find as follows a short feedback on the training and preparation of the training: Team Activity – BRIDGE BUILDING * Preparation work, working together with Buiten Business, went very well – got to know Buiten Business as very competent business partner ( discussions on location, alternatives, how to pay, timings, flexibility,…) * Training itself: Perfect training for Team building, you get to know out of it… - how groups are acting / re-acting - finding out leaders and check on communication skills - building effective teams - visualising where the weakness / strength of a team is * Trainer – Pieter - very flexible during the training (timings, etc.) - having a great approach on 1) let them do and see the weakness 2) jump then in and make the weakness visible 3) support the teams on the next steps, way of working, find the right way - he was really friendly, experienced and brought the team building to a great success Very well done Pieter!!! So thanks for making this happen and I’d like to forward this feedback also to Pieter!
Mars Chocolate Europe
March 2016

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